CEO 全力推介 -- 小西九雙年展


< 小西九攝影旅行團 >   黎健強 作品
< Tiny West Kowloon Photo Shooting Trip > by Edwin Lai Kin Keung


Who aren’t stakeholders of West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD)?  To let the public and residences in the district to have more first hand knowledge on the WKCD, and capture how they think of WKCD, artist Edwin will organize a “Tiny West Kowloon Photo Shooting Trip” on the 2nd of January transporting people from Wooferten to WKCD. Welcome all Gaai Fong to join!

動作1.0 動作1.1

〈動作1.0、〈動作1.1 劉建華 作品





Running Woofer Ten in Yau Ma Tei is my work. For the Mini West Kowloon Bananale, I followed the suggestion from our guest curator and seek out what I think about the neighborhood, and based on that present my work to the community.

Work 1.0 is something I do from time to time on my trip back to Woofer Ten. I have doubts if it should be considered a piece of work, but we could discuss that.

The core of Work 1.1 is a poem about the area (around Sai Yeung Choi Street South) I often pass through on my way home after work. The poem is “An ineffable future”(說不出的未來), by author-poet Chan Mit (陳滅). Then there is also a song version of the poem by Wong Hin Yan (黃衍仁). My work is simply to find fitting ways to present these beloved works of mine to more people.

What is work actually? How is one to live (…)?


< 好市民獎 >  關尚智、黃慧妍 作品
< Good Citizen Award > by Kwan Sheung Chi & Wong Wai Yin


We collected 10 old wallets and placed a $20 bill, a Woofer Ten address card and a Christmas music electronic module inside. On the day of the opening, we will place the wallets at random locations in Yau Ma Tei. Each wallet, as an art work, is meant for only one audience. A good citizen will not pocket lost items found on the street, thus returning it to Woofer Ten and will receive a special prize.